Bead Swap

Selling on Etsy has given me an opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests and tastes in jewelry design. One of my new wonderful friends is Sara. She is the proprietor of The Creative Soul. Her shop name matches her personality. She is so creative!!! Sara and I decided to do a Bead Swap. Between all of my hoarded beads and my shop inventory I had plenty of supplies to swap.

First of all I could kick myself for not getting a pic of the packaging my beads arrived in. Sara is so artistic. The box was wrapped in vintage book pages and was so beautiful I almost hated to open it. But of course I was so excited to see what was in the box I ripped it right open only thinking of taking photos of it after it was too late!!

Here are some pics of my trinkets received:

bead swap central coast charms 1

I’m already getting ideas on how to use all my treasures!!!

bead swap central coast charms 2

Carved Cinnabar Beads, Beautiful Fibers, and very unique Czech Glass Beads

bead swap central coast charms 3

love love love the blue and clear crystal beads.

bead swap central coast charms 4

Tigers Eye beads, lots of vintage beads and charms, and the black glass beads are from a vintage 1920’s flapper necklace.

bead swap central coast charms 5

The hummingbirds were made by a glass artist friend of Sara’s.

bead swap central coast charms 6

Look at the cute vintage telephone charm! And I already have plans for this key.

bead swap central coast charms 7

I love the vintage rhinestone pin and lock.

Here is a link to Sara’s blog to see her entry on our swap.

These are pics of the goodies I sent to Sara:





And here is the beautiful necklace Sara made with some of the supplies from our Bead Swap. You can see it in her Etsy Shop here.


From the Garden Necklace




I love the creative way she has used the vintage key in her design.

For our next Bead Swap we want to swap supplies we have duplicates of and see what each makes with the same items. Can’t wait for that!!!

Now I must get to work creating with my new treasures!!!


Baby Blanket Tutorial

This is a re-post of a tutorial I did a few years ago. My first tutorial ever!!!


I am a new Grandma to a beautiful baby girl named Maddie. So I was inspired to make a baby blanket. I haven’t made a blanket like this for over 20 years and it’s was great to find such fun fabrics to work with. Well, so far I have gone a little overboard and have already made 3 blankets. (Maddie is only 13 days old) and I have plans for more blankets, bibs, cart covers etc!!! LOL. Anyway this will be the tutorial for the first one.

All you need is 1 yard of cotton fabric, 1 yard of flannel fabric, a contrasting spool of thread, and 2 packages of large ric rac if desired.

Put your fabrics right sides together with the flannel on top and pin. Trim the edges if needed so all of the edges are even. Both of my fabrics were 45 inch width so I didn’t have much trimming. Fold back the flannel layer as shown.

Pin the ric rac and measure from the edge 1/2 inch so you will be stitching along the bottom edge of the ric rac.

Stitch the ric rac all the way around the flannel layer folding it at the corners as shown.
Now put both pieces of fabric right sides together, flannel on top and stitch all the way around just beyond your other seam to catch the ric rac right down the middle. Leave a 5 inch opening so you can turn the blanket right side out.

Now turn your blanket right side out and press. Top stitch all the way around 1/4 inch from the edge. This will also close the 5 inch area you left open.

Thats it!!! You’ve got a cute baby blanket. You could make it smaller and use as burp cloths or for a car seat blanket or go bigger for crib size. Play around with the trims. Lace, ruffles, etc!! The possibilities are endless!!

I would love to see your comments and photos of your creations………………….